Stage 2 Operations Plan

Operations Plan

Phase 2- November 14, 2020 Order
The Following Plan Has Been Reviewed by Public Health Recreation Center

Operations will be centered on creating good social distancing practices and regular sanitation practices. We encourage the use of masks upon entering our facility and while transitioning to areas around the facility.

Masks are not required while exercising. However, appropriate sanitizing and physical distancing should be practiced at all times.

  2. Registrations for programs are encouraged to be done online or on the phone so as to limit the number of people visiting our lobby.
  3. Customers will be asked to answer standard COVID-19 questions upon entry.
  4. Customers will be asked to sign new waivers including language about COVID-19 and inherent risk of using public facilities and possible contagions. Most people have already done this but you will be required if you have not. Children under the age of 18 cannot sign a waiver. A parent or guardian will need to sign for a minor.
  5. 10 customers allowed upstairs in weight room with social distancing. Additional equipment on the track and in the small gym can be utilized in limited numbers outside of the 10 customers allowed in the weight room. Customers will be allowed in on a first come first served basis. Be prompt in your workout to allow others to use the facility. Be prepared to wait or be flexible with the time that you come to work out. Be courteous to staff. These are the rules that they are required to enforce in order for us to operate. If people cannot follow these guidelines we will be forced to go to a reservation only system.
  6. Customers will be asked to practice good social distancing throughout their time here.
  7. Track use will be limited to no more than 10 users at any one time and 5 users of equipment that are stationed in the corners of the track. Please practice physical distancing. People may also use the gyms to walk if not occupied with other activity.
  8. Customers may ask to have their membership put on hold during phase 2 operations if they so choose. Please contact Becky or Amy to discuss your options.
  9. User groups considered high risk to COVID-19 are discouraged from attendance or activating membership at this time.
  10. Fitness classes will continue with proper social distancing. Classes larger than 10 may be split into more than one group in 2 different locations within the facility.
  11. Open gym times will be limited to 10 people in a gym at any one time. Gym use may be limited to one hour as to allow for other users. No spectators are allowed as per the Governor’s order.
  12. If at any time during the current phase schools are reduced to remote learning, the recreation center will be limited to those 18 & over except for specifically scheduled programs. If high school sports are suspended, recreational sports will also be put on hold.
  13. Locker room use is discouraged during phase 2. Customers should come dressed to workout whenever possible.
  14. Customers are encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands and equipment regularly.
  15. Customers are asked to report if they have been sick or exhibiting any symptoms or anyone in their house or someone that they have been in contact with has been sick or exhibiting symptoms. Confidentiality will be maintained.


Employee practices in Phases

  1. Employees will be scanned for temperature upon arriving for shift.
  2. Employees are required to wear masks in the lobby and areas that require direct interaction with the public.
  3. Employees must answer a list of questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms prior to starting shift.
  4. Employees need to immediately report to their supervisor if they are sick, exhibiting any symptoms or anyone in their household is sick or exhibiting symptoms.
  5. Employees are asked to wash hands regularly
  6. Employees from high risk groups are not required to work.
  7. Employees will be required to regularly wash and sanitize equipment and surfaces.
  8. Regular sanitization and precautionary measures for staff will be in effect for all phases.


Youth/Adult Sports Phase 2

Outdoor uses

  1. Athletic fields are available for use as long as groups of 10 or less people are in attendance and where appropriate physical distancing can occur.
  2. Good sanitation practices should be followed. Wash hands regularly, avoid touching face, cough into elbow, and avoid sharing equipment.
  3. PPE use is encouraged whenever possible
  4. Any function that plans to use outdoor facilities in groups larger than 10 must have submitted a plan to South Central Public Health and demonstrate that it was approved. A copy of the plan should also be submitted to the JRD.


Indoor Sports & Other Scheduled Activities

  1. Open gym times will be limited to 10 people in a gym at any one time. Gym use may be limited to one hour as to allow for other users. No spectators are allowed as per the Governor’s order. Open Gym times will be limited so please check ahead of time. People will not be allowed to congregate in the lobby to wait for gym space. The JRD may opt to go to a reservation only during phase 2 if this becomes problematic.
  2. Adult League Play: Leagues will continue to operate as scheduled as per the Governor’s order from November 14, 2020. No spectators are allowed. Only team players, referee(s), or essential personnel are allowed in a gym during this phase. Players should leave the recreation center immediately after their game.
  3. Youth League Play: Leagues will continue as planned at this time. Scheduling will be done as to limit interaction between games. Games may be played on multiple days throughout the week. Only 1 parents or guardian may attend games or practices. Parents and guardians should practice social distancing in the seating area (there is plenty of room to spread out). Players should leave the recreation center immediately after the conclusion of the game.
  4. JRD Turkey Trot- The JRD Turkey Trot will go on under the following guidelines:
    • There will be 2 starting lines. Participants will start in groups of 10 from each starting line in 5 minute increments starting at 7:30 AM
    • Individuals should sign up for their respective start times prior to November 26 . Sign up times will be filled on a first come first served basis.
    • No one is allowed into the recreation center pre-race except to use restroom facilities.
    • Shirt hand outs will be done pre-race outside of the recreation center.
    • Staging areas will be in groups of 10 in the parking lot and in Spears Park next to the recreation center. Whenever possible, we ask that you try to keep within your family group for each starting time.
    • Social distancing and masks pre-race are strongly recommended.
    • Upon completing the run we ask that participants leave the recreation center parking lot or Spears Park to enjoy their Thanksgiving festivities with their family.


Home School PE:

  1. Home School PE will continue. However, activities will be modified to allow for maximum social distancing and participants may be spread out into 2 different gyms.


Park reservations

  1. NA at this time of year
  2. Playgrounds- The JRD discourages the use of playgrounds at this time.