Phase 1

May 1, 2020

Phase One of State Reopening

As most are aware, Governor Little released his phased plan for opening Idaho last week and we are now in phase one of the Reopen Idaho Plan. Unfortunately, gyms and recreational facilities are to remain closed in phase one of the plan. Therefore, the Jerome Recreation Center & Programs will continue to remain closed through phase one and we open at a reduced capacity (or at some reduced use level) on May 16, 2020 to meet state guidelines. The District has been working on plans as to how we can comply with standards set in phase 2 and hope that things will evolve on schedule. However, please be aware that the phased plan is a condition based plan and that dates are subject to change at the Governor’s and health care professional’s discretion. Also recognize that even once we can reopen, there will still be restrictions on use, social distancing, and how many people are allowed into the facility at any one time. Our use protocols will be announced once they have been finalized.

Phase One Youth Activities in Parks

We have received numerous inquiries about park use in phase one and youth activities. The Governor’s office released the guidelines for youth activities. Active areas in parks (like a ball field) can resume as long as guidelines are followed. There are still limits on group gatherings of both public and private. A complete list of the state’s requirements is attached to this announcement. Those wishing to hold an organized youth activity must have a plan to address these requirements. These plans need to be approved by the JRD if it is an organized event. Leisure play does not need approval but we do recommend that you follow health guidelines. No JRD programs are planned during phase 1. We cannot guarantee the sanitary conditions of outdoor park equipment.  We advise you to comply with CDC recommendations.

Other Program Announcements

  1. Youth Sports (T-ball, coach pitch) & Adult Softball: We are now looking to start league play on June 15, 2020. That would allow us to move into stage 4 (if things stay on schedule) which has a large enough group standard for league play to commence. We will also have to evaluate the public health requirements for us to commence play for leagues and how we can meet these standards.
  2. Pool Season: We are still awaiting guidance from state and public health officials as to how we can operate a public pool and meet social distancing standards, group size standards, workplace safety standards, and to make it work from an economic perspective. Information will be released as we receive it and plans can be developed.

If you have any questions or need to speak to a staff member, please call (208) 324-3389 and select the appropriate extension or go to our webpage at to access email information for any staff member.

Gary Warr, Director
Jerome Recreation District

May 1, 2020 Phase 1