Over 55

Over 55
The JRD Over 55 Club will provide a great way to make new friends, keep healthy and have fun. Club membership is Free and open to anyone over 55 years of age who want to get out and about. There are stimulating activities with room for more as the Club grows! Our goal is to keep our community active and engaged. The JRD is dedicated to ensuring access to recreational, educational, and wellness opportunities for adults age 55 and older. Here are some ideas…

· Ballroom Dancing/Line-Dancing

· Archery/Softball/Pickleball/Basketball/

· Self-Defense/Bowling/Kayaking/Paddle boarding

· How to Facebook/Scrapbooking/Quilting/Bird Watching/Astronomy/Photography

· Natural Healing/Essential Oils

· Disaster Preparedness/Ask the Doc night/Geocaching

· Financial Preparedness/Retirement/Social Security